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Some of Our Latest Projects:

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, LLC., 900 HP Johnston
Boiler with  Weishaupt Burner & Combustion
Controls Retrofit.

Bristol Myers Squibb Mfg.,  600 HP New
Complete  Johnston Boiler Room Improvement
with Autoflame Controls.

Baxter Caribe, 500 HP Johnston Boiler Autoflame
Combustion Controls and Cain Economizers.

Ortho Biologics, LLC. , 300 HP Boiler Autoflame
Combustion Controls Retrofit.

Puerto Rico Children's Hospital, Complete New
60 HP Johnston Boiler Room.

Lilly del Caribe, Inc. PR-06, 400 HP New Johnston
Steam Boiler. and Cain Economizer.

Dupont Agricultural Caribe, LTD. , 300 HP New
Johnston Steam Boiler, Boiler Feed Systems
Deaerator System and Marlo Inc. Plant Water
Filter and Softening Equipment.

PRIDCO BTDC Mayaguez, New Complete 60 HP
Boiler Room with Auxiliaries.

OLD HARBOR BREWERY, New Boiler Room with

Baxter Caribe new Dual Fuel Propane and Diesel
Burner Retrofit

Bristol Myers Squibb Mfg.,  Johnston Boiler
Room Improvement with Autoflame MK7 EGA O2
Trim Controls.

Trinidad New Pumps Parts Retrofit Project

BMS Humacao BMACT and Combustion
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