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Power Research Treatment Sales

Power Plants, Government, Industry, Municipal, Fleets & Trucks.
Jorge Gonzalez Garcia

Municipal, Fleets & Trucks.

Felix Hernandez Nunez
M (787) 469-7038
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Puerto Rico:

Steam and Combustion Technology, Inc.
54 Paseo de las Orquideas
Urb. Primavera, Encantada Dev.
Trujilo Alto, PR 00976-6077
Power Research Inc. Fuel Thermal Stabilizers products are solely
and exclusively represented by:

Steam & Combustion Technology, Inc.  787-529-2484
Power & Combustion Technology, Inc. (US)  407-304-6346
Jorge Gonzalez Garcia

for the following clients and markets:

Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, Boating, Cars, Cargo,
Consumer, Cruise Ships and Vessels, General Industries,
Government, Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Moving Companies,
Municipalities, Transportation and Logistics, Trucking Co., Power
Plants and Stand-By Power, RV's, Yatchs, Waste Management, etc.

Associates and Sales Representative Channels:

Consumer Products:

Auto, Trucks, Car Care, Consumer, Maintenance and Repair

Municipal Fleets, Waste Management and Stores

Cargo Companies and Movers, General Industries, Laundry and
Dry Cleaners, Transportation and Logistics, Trucking Companies,
Towing Services, Cargo Vessels and Others:

Jorge Gonzalez Garcia
Power & Combustion Technology, Inc.
(US)  407-304-6346

Dominican Republic


Central & South America

Power & Combustion Technology, Inc.
(US)  407-304-6346

We also carry Fuel Treatment for AV Gas, Jet Fuel A and Kerosene
that is being used on Airliners, Private Jets, Helicopters and
Power Gen Turbines as well.

Please call and inquire!