In this section you will find useful information
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how to save energy in your facility/site.

Some of the up-coming topics include:

  1. Boiler Technology
  2. Energy Tips
  3. Steam Fundamentals
  4. Condensate & Flash Vapor
  5. more....

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U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Search from the articles produced by the U.S. DOE Industrial Technologies Program.

Energy Tips - Steam

  1. Recover Heat from Boiler Blowdown (see Blowdown Heat Recovery in the Products Section)
  2. Use Feedwater Economizers for Waste Heat Recovery (see Economizer in the Products Section)
  3. Upgrade Boilers with Energy-Efficent Burners (see Burners in the Products Section)
  4. Benchmark the Fuel Cost of Steam Generation
  5. Deaerators in Industrial Steam Systems (see Deaerators in the Product Section)
  6. Improve your Boiler's Combustion Efficiency (see Oxygen Trim Systems/Combustion Controls in the Product Section)
  7. Install an Automatic Blowdown System (see Automatic Blowdown Controllers in the Products Section)
  8. Inspect and Repair Steam Traps
  9. MORE COMING SOON!!!!!!!!

Boiler Topics

  1. Boiler/Burner Glossary - common terms used when talking about boilers and burners, very useful!
  2. Boiler Air Room Design - calculate how much air is needed to be supplied to the boiler and how can you supply it with the boiler's house building design,
    a very good document for designers.
  3. Efficiency Comparison: 4:1 Turndown & 10:1 Turndown - this JBC technical brief documents a comparison energy loss and the resulting impact on
    boiler efficiency between a boiler operating at a 4:1 turndown compared to a 10:1 turndown.
  4. Common Boiler Formulas - In this document you will find useful formulas to calculate everything from boiler horsepower, steam production, blowdown rate
    to boiler fuel consumption. Each formula contains an example that shows how to properly calculate everything.
ASME Florida Chapter Steam Boiler Seminar and New Firetube Technology  full house attandance.

Johnston Boiler Co. 2020 Summer Session Boiler Operation, Preventive Maintenance and Safety Seminar to
be held at Johnston Boiler Co. 300 Pine Street Ferrysburg, Michigan 49409.

Costs: $750.00 per person. Limited to 10 spaces first comes first serve.

If interested to attend please e mail: or call (407) 304-6346.

Topics to be discussed:

Understanding Basic Boiler Operation.

Boiler Burner and Management Control

Boiler Safety Controls.

L.P./Natural Gas and Fuel Oil Burners

Boiler Feedwater Chemistry.

Boiler Operator Responsibilities

Boiler Basic & Refractory Inspections.

Boiler Codes and Standards.

Types of Boilers: Firetubes, Watertubes, Tubeless and Others.

Energy Efficiency on Boiler Operations and achievable Fuel Cost Reductions.

Basic Boiler Maintenance: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annual, Annual PM.
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