BFS Industries LLC. manufactures a complete line of boiler room and diesel generator support. Products, including deaerators in spray, tray, and packed column
type; boiler feed and condensate return systems; complete electrical control panels, advanced  oil pumping systems and day tanks with alarms.
Boiler Feed Systems

Starting with BFS's basic functional system, features can be added,
customizing the system to fit your specific needs. Standard sizes
are cataloged serving up to 750 boiler HP and 250 PSIG operating
pressure. Larger sizes and pressures can be supplied on request.

THERMO-PAC automatic pre-heaters are available in a wide range
of sizes, and in steam injectioon or coil types.

PANEL-PAC system control centers can be included to serve a
variety of functions from simple motor control to state of the art

BFS's flexible design simplify modifications or the addition of
features to meet system requirements.


Simply because it pays. As the cost of steam generators and associated equipment
increases, the need to protect this investment becomes greater. The small additional
cost of a ZER-O-PAC Class S deaerating system is soon paid for by savings in fewer
downtime hours, less chemical additives and reduced maintenance to the entire steam

  • Operating costs are slashed by recovering exhaust and flash steam wasted in other systems.
  • Maximum system efficiency is achieved with a minimum of fuel.
  • Thermal shock to the boiler is reduced by feeding water closer to the boiler temperature.
  • Steam pressure drops are minimized by higher temperature feed-water.
  • Heat transfer is improved by eliminating the insulating, non-condensable gses.
  • Effectively controls corrosion in the entire steam and condensate system by removing
    corrosive gases.


  1. Remove oxygen to less than .005 cc/liter.
  2. Completely eliminate titratable free carbon dioxide.
  3. Heat water tot he corresponding temperature of saturated steam contained in the deaerator.
Choose a system:

Choose a system:

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