The Weishaupt group, a family business with a
dynamic customer oriented market strategy, is one
of the world's leading names in the heating
industry. A company’s greatest capital is its
satisfied customer. Yet, such trust is a scarce
resource that can quickly dry up. And once lost,
customer confidence is almost impossible to
retrieve. In our increasingly globalized economy,
where the pace of change is sometimes
breathtaking, customers need to know exactly who
they are dealing with.
Products - gas, oil and dual fuel burners / controls / options

Gas, oil and dual fuel burners
Weishaupt burners: Efficient, reliable, fully automatic. Oil, gas and dual fuel burners for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Products for controlling and managing Weishaupt heating,
ventilation and process technology: Customized production,
everything from a single source, solutions tested and
adapted at the plant.  

Control options
  • Different flame safeguards (Siemens,
    Honeywell and Fireye) available
  • Linkage-less controls available,
    standard for W series and multiflam
  • Control panel options:
    - Remote panel: Flame safeguard,
    modulating controller, control
    transformer, motor starters, lights,
    switches and other electrical
    - Burner mounted panel: Flame
    safeguard, modulating controller,
    control transformer, motor starters,
    lights, switches and other
    electrical components
    - Integrated Switch Gear (ISG): Flame
    safeguard is an integrated part of the burner

W-FM 100 & 200 linkage-less controls
  • W-FM units have been designed as an
    "intelligent terminal", i.e. all necessary
    connections for external components
    are available as plug-in terminal blocks.
  • Same unit for all burner types.
  • Precise control for perfect combustion
  • Different flame sensors options
    depending on application type for best
  • Integrated gas valve proving system
    that enables “vent-less” gas train.
  • Integrated PID modulating controller
    (external controller is optional).
  • Separate control and display unit (CDU)
    for monitoring and commissioning. The
    user-friendly CDU can be placed
    anywhere within 300 ft (100 m) of the
    main unit.
  • Integrated speed control (VFD) brings
    significant energy savings and reduces
    noise levels (W-FM 200 only).
  • Easy to connect O2 module for O2 trim
    (W-FM 200 only).
  • Digital communication interface
    (mod-Bus, e-Bus or profi-Bus) for
    Building Management Systems.
  • Up to 6 servomotors for W-FM 200
    and up to 4 servomotors for W-FM 100
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The W Series - proven in the millions  

The tried and tested compact series: tried
and tested by the millions. Efficient, reliable,
fully automatic. Oil and gas burners for
homes, condominiums and                     
Output up to:
1,945 MBTU/h
The legendary Monarch series  

The legendary industrial burner: tried and
tested, durable, clearly structured. Oil, gas
and dual fuel burners for central heat supply
Output up to:
37,000 MBTU/h
The high power, adaptable WK burners  

Powerful systems with a modular design:
adaptable, robust, powerful. Oil, gas and
dual fuel burners for industrial applications.
The trendsetting multiflam technology  

Innovative Weishaupt technology for large
burners: minimal emissions, especially at
outputs over 3,000 MBTU/h. Oil, gas and dual
fuel burners with patented fuel distribution.  
Output up to:
60,000 MBTU/h
Output up to:
42,000 MBTU/h
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Reference Book
Weishaupt Corporation
builds its own control
panels to fulfill
customers demands.
Easy and user-friendly
operation: The digital
combustion manager
W-FM 100 & 200 is
integrated in the burner
housing, the CDU control
and display unit can be
used up to 100 m (300 ft)
away from the burner.
System flexibility:
W-FM200 linkage-less
system can include up to
6 servomotors to
accommodate speed
control and O2 trim as
well as gas, oil, air and
mixing head controls

Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR)
  • By using induced FGR system and
    "state-of-the-art" burner heads, it is
    possible to meet strict NOx
  • With precision controlled FGR system
    results in excellent performance,
    good turndown, high efficiency and
    guaranteed NOx levels
  • FGR is an alternative to multiflam
    burners where combustion chamber
    dimensions are tighter
  • Depending on combustion chamber
    design, dimensions and media
    temperatures, the NOx levels can be
    as low as 20 ppm corrected at 3% O2.
  • Burners with FGR include the
    following components: Induced FGR
    flange, system damper, actuator,
    gaskets, slip on flanges and system

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)  
  • Weishaupt burners are available with
    VFD to reduce energy costs and
    increase efficiency especially of
    burners with high horsepower motors
  • VFD can also be used on burners
    with linkage-less controls as an
    integrated part of the burner
Speed control System Weishaupt: Speed
control allows the matching of the motor
speed to the current air requirement of the
burner. This allows long term savings of
electric energy.
O2 Regulation System Weishaupt: With O2
regulation the effects of ambient conditions
can be balanced out and constant
combustion conditions are achieved.
On our latest Weishaupt burner retrofit project we achieved an astonishing  
23% increase in boiler steam output using the same amount of fuel !  This
without even using an exhaust Economizer from CAIN Industries !

We have seen up to 31% efficiency increase if used in conjunction with more
advanced combustion and water level controls for a true Three (3) elements
control system monitoring O2, CO and CO2 !

Other new burner technologies are readily available.

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