ISTEC Corporation specializes in the area of flow measurement and
control devices. This includes the following products:
BTU Meters, Water
Meters, Mag Meters, Steam Meters, Oil Meters, and many other flow
measuring products
. In the control area, the following products are
marketed: Radiator Valves, FlowGuard Balancing Valves as well as other
heating & plumbing specialty products.
ISTEC sells their quality products in
the US, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, as well
as directly to overseas customers.
Products List
Measuring Products:
BTU Meters

5202 Series BTU Meter Selection Guide
5202 Series BTU Meter Engineering Manual
Model 4440 Compact BTU Meter
4000 Series BTU Meters
Smart BTU Meter

Flow Meters

Smart Water Meter
Water Meter Selector Chart
Water Meters: 1700, 1800, 1900
Oil Meters: 9200 Series Engineering Manual
Oil Meters with LCD
Steam Meters
Magnetic Meters
Oval Gear Meters

Chip Card System
Chip Card System
Pulse to Chip Card Counter
Control Products:

Radiator Valves
Flow Guard

New 16 Page Catalog
(requires Adobe Acrobat)

Complete Catalog

Individual Pages:

Balancing Valves
BTU Meters
Chip Card
Electro Meters
Irrigation Meters
Oil Meters Radiator Valves
Radiator Valves
Remote Displays
Super Jet 1700
Super Jet 1800
Vortex Meters
Water Meters Specification
METERS Steam, Condensate, Oil & Gas
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