Critical Fuel Systems, LLC. Supplier of fuel oil systems for the mission critical
market. We provide complete systems composed of pump sets, day tanks,
filtration systems, fuel thermal stabilizers, fuel oil specialty items along with
complete control and PLC systems.

Our products are found on Pharmaceutical and Chemical plants, Hospitals, Power
Plants, data centers, airports, vessel ports, financial institutions, malls,
government institutions  fuel suppliers and others.

Critical Fuel Systems, LLC. fuel supply systems provide a reliable fuel storage
and delivery system for diesel engine generator sets and oil fired boilers. These
system engineered packages include an aboveground outdoor main storage tank,
a fuel deliver system integral to the main tank, and a Day Tank for installation at
the engine generator set or boiler.
Critical Fuel Systems, LLC.
DAY TANKS provide a reliable,
local source of fuel for stationary
diesel or turbine engine driven
equipment, including generator
sets, pumps and mechanical

Day Tanks assume the task of
automatic fuel level control.

Day Tanks are manual fill, basic
storage tanks. All standard and
optional accessories are factory
installed, wired and plumbed to
form a system supported by factory
drawings, manuals and services.
Economy Day Tanks (10-100 gallon)
...basic automatic Day Tank intended for
those applications which require a simple
self-refilling Day Tank with a minimum of
options. Basic differential level control, 3-point
electric level indicator, 2 GPM pump are

Super Day Tank (10-2500 gallon)
...with extensive standard features and more
than 125 options, provides a reliable fuel
storage and delivery system for diesel engine
generator sets and oil fired boilers. Pump
control, level control, backup level control,
level alarms, and alarm outputs are provided.
Manual Day Tanks provide basic storage
only, include a manual fuel fill port and a
mechanical level gauge. Limited options for
the Series is available.
Fuel Supply Network, Piping and Installation
for Underground Storage Tanks


 Fusible link valves

 Tank vents and caps

 Tank sample kits

 Level monitoring

 Leak detection

 Fill boxes

Fuel Thermal Stabilizers Diesel & Bunker C

 and more!
Critical Fuel Systems, LLC.
Level Controls and Electronics,
Analog Level Controller
Overfill Preventer
Tank Alarm Panel
Digital Level Indicator    

...are pre-engineered, full integrated systems of pumps, starters,
controls and accessories, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, totally
contained within a weatherproof enclosure equipped with a leak
detection basin. External ports are provided for connection of field
plumbing. Four models are available spanning from 2 GPM through
36 GPM, simplex, duplex, triplex or quadplex pumps; 0.33 through 7.5
HP. These pump units are suitable for wall or pad mounting, or can
be engineered with Simplex Main Storage Tanks, Day Tanks and Fuel
Supply Systems.

...are full integrated systems of pumps, starters, controls and
accessories, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, equipped with a leak
detection basin, and mounted on a skid. System complexity is
dependent on available floor space.

Pump Sets
...these units can be used for relatively simple single pump
applications to more complex large duplex or multiple pump

...provide a quick and easy means of filling aboveground storage
tanks from grade level while eliminating the need for ladders/stairs
to access the top of the tank. These systems can deliver petroleum
products and automotive products.

Filtration, Fuel Treatment and Polishing Skid Systems

...use with pumper delivery truck and one tank. Includes manual

Automatic FuelPort
...use with pumper delivery truck and one or more tanks. Includes
automatic shutoff.

Mini SmartPump
...use with gravity delivery truck and one tank. Includes automatic

...use with gravity delivery truck and one or more tanks. Includes
automatic shutoff.

Power Research, Inc. Advanced Fuel Treatment PRI-D Diesel Treatment for Regular and ULSD Diesel Fuel.

Features: Engines perform better and last longer Engine power increased Fuel efficiency of 6-17% plus Diesel Fuel stays fresh months, even 2+ years !

Hesitation, knocking, and pinging reduced Improved Engine Performance – PRI-D works chemically within all diesel, biodiesel, ULSD, Kerosene or Black Kero  to
improve the combustion process. Improved combustion means improved engine or boiler performance, improved combustion efficiency at least 1-2%, reduced diesel
fuel usage 2.5-5+%, reduction in Excess Air from 30-40%! means operating boiler at less than 2.0% O2, Improved NOx reductions meaning less fuel used and harmful
toxic emmisions reduced as well!

PRI-D works chemically with diesel fuel to improve combustion and engine performance. EPA REGISTERED!

PRI-D is also extremely effective at reducing harmful emissions, including smoke opacity and soot 20-60% , NOx and SOx.

Decreases maintenance by preventing carbon deposits buildup and fuel system injectors and nozzles fouling.

Your engine and boiler will remain cleaner, will operate and last longer. In addition, the tank slime and sludge that diesel fuel users commonly encounter is eliminated!

Keep your car, pick up truck, boat, RV, Heavy Industrial Construction Equipment, Stand By or Prime Power Generator, Steam or Hot Water Boilers, in great shape for
years to come!

Super concentrated and cost effective, treats fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio
Completely safe to use, contains no potentially damaging cetane additives or harsh solvents.
Pistons and Valves fuel treated by PRIG/D RS