When you need a water heating system that will meet tough
demands day after day, turn to
innovative technology with solid craftsmanship. Whether your
energy source is steam, hot water, gas or electricity, RECO USA
has the right product for your application.
Indirect Fired Water Heater
A proven design for any commercial /
industrial application.

  • The most widely used forced
    draft power burners
  • Maximum non-condensing
  • ASME construction
  • ASME listed coatings

Typical Applications
Shower loads, laundries, car washes,
processing water, high temperature
washdowns, prisons, chemical plants,
hospitals, schools, and office buildings.
Thermomaster High Capacity
Packaged Storage Heaters

  • Selection of corrosion resistant
  • Forced internal circulation
  • Ready for service connections
  • Built to current code
  • Capacities - 165 to 4,765 gal.
  • Steam or boiler water heating

Typical Applications:
Hospitals, industrial plants, correctional
facilities, universities and all facilities
requiring large volumes of hot water.
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Indirect Fired Water Heater
Indirect Fired Water Heater
Thermodyne Storage Type/
Semi-Instantaneous Water Heaters
Space saving, factory packaged, quick
recovery water heaters.

  • Copper Alloy construction
  • Size from 16” dia. x 33” high to
  • 30” dia. x 40” high
  • Forced internal circulation
  • Ready for service connections.
  • Built to code requirements.
A high capacity water heating system
that occupies little valuable floor space.
  • Compact Vertical Design.
    (horizontal design available)
  • Copper alloy and stainless steel
    construction available
  • Ready for service connections
  • Forced internal circulation
  • Built to code requirements
  • Designed to heat water using
    either steam or boiler water as a
    heating medium
  • Factory packaged

Typical Applications
Hospitals, industrial plants, prisons,
universities and all facilities requiring
high hot water demands with limited
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Unfired Steam Generators use
available plant steam or boiler water as
the energy source to produce "clean"
steam for humidification and
sterilization needs.

  • Fabricated to ASME
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Completely packaged with all
    operating and safety controls
  • Generating capacities up to
    20,000 lbs/hr.
  • Available in horizontal or vertical

Typical Applications:
Hospitals, pharmaceutical plants,
electronics, food processing and
facilities with high temperature boiler
water needing steam.
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Storage Type Atmospheric Gas Water

  • 3 - Year Limited Warranty
  • ASME and non-coded models
  • 180 to 725 MBTUH
  • 80% Efficiency
  • 7 Models
  • Propane units available
High Efficiency Low NOx Gas Water

  • Up to 99.1% Thermal Efficiency
  • Low NOx Pre-Mix Power Burner
  • 125 to 300 MBTUH Inputs
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • ASME Code Construction
  • 7 Models Available
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Download Brochure
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Direct Fired Water Heater
Packaged Electric Heaters

  • 15 - 1600 KW
  • 80 - 5000 Gallon Storage